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Selection of Most Europeans of 2012th in 2013.!

Is the choice of Most Europeans today based on the same principles as the first year of the new millennium? Yes! Is Europe the same today as it was ten or twenty years? Not! Is the European Union today is the same as, and 2000? Not! When and how will you choose today?!

Historical, geographical and civilizational Europe as a whole is in a long period defined more or less stable grid. At the same time, Europe is within you is always changing. Some countries and some nations within it are becoming stronger, and some regress. Some of the new state is created, and some are “dissolved”. The structure, including the genetic codes of various nations are changing rapid mixing races. Spiritual characteristics of particular regions or countries in Europe are rapidly changing – accelerating the increase in the share of some of Europe “new” religion, on the one part, and the number of people believe that only formally or do not believe in the religion of the dominant identifiable, with others. Economic, political and military power of individual countries stronger, others weaken gradually or lags. Changing geostrategic balance, or the balance of power between the different parts of Europe and the world at large.

Starting from the obvious, and lately even more rapid changes raises the question of the notoriously: whether individual, previously occupied political positions, in other conditions set strategic goals of individual states, nations and regions can and should remain the same, or to adapt to the current conditions?

Neo-colonialism and imperialism are becoming a new noticeable phenomenon in international relations. Undermine the theory and practice many good principles related to equality, security, independence,… Create new myths of human wars, the only correct ideology, civil rights, the cultural and the economic and social patterns. Some of these myths are created and largely conducted on European soil!

By the old imperial civilizations intensified forcible imposition of certain “universal” cultural, economic, security and political “forms” the nations of Southeast Asia, Africa, Central and South America, the Middle East, the Balkans, Caucasus… The North American model of the “melting pot” is often blunt and counterproductive natura many ancient peoples, cultures or countries. It heralds the future are not good!

Our political leaders confuse people very interesting behavior. When should unreservedly “rush into” the part of Europe that come together in an association called the European Union, they have acted hesitantly, timidly and inefficiently. When should at least caution access current EU those in the immediate sketchy and risky association headlong “rush.” Very “original” approach to sustainable development and adaptation to trends immediate and distant environment. Maybe this behavior is understandable, if compared with the behavior of our leaders and social elite in many key historical moments of existential – the Battle of Kosovo, the First and the Second World War, to “break down” the Berlin Wall and the disintegration of Yugoslavia last!

In light of all these and unmentioned situation and changes there is something immutable and indisputable – Europe as well as the current European Union, are our natural environment in which to establish a “pleasant”, secure and prosperous position. They influential individuals from the fields of politics, economy, culture in its broadest sense, and entrepreneurship, which in the circumstances in responsible or influential enough places promoting and accelerating these processes, promote our achievements and values in Europe and in our European, establish new or strengthen the existing ties and mutual cooperation with the states, nations, regions and citizens of Europe, they are to continue to support and promote, are and will be
our future Most Europeans!

We feel the need to clarify here today and a “small” (new old) criteria: anyone who does not like or does not respect his family, his home, his country – he can not understand Europe, he can not honestly that creates new and better European Association. It should go without saying, but sometimes the facts tell a different story. The citizens of Serbia are all individuals who use the benefits or problems of life in our country. They haven’t a second home! Just as the French, the Germans and the Greeks have no other homeland. So they have at least that is recognized and respected, at least as much as do the citizens of other European civilizations as old as ours. Must be in reasonable extent by all citizens, social and economic subjects, appreciate and respect the history, traditions and interests of the parent of the people who created the current state preserve in the toughest conditions. Anything else is unnatural and unsustainable!

To love your country, keep it, fight for it, respect its symbols and its peculiarities is identical to fight for improvement, fixing, development,. Most Europeans have to be patriotic citizens committed!

Fighting for human or regional rights means to fight for those rights in the first place in his homeland. To fight for a secular state, a democratic political system, a market economy … presumably still in first place the interest of the whole in which one lives and works. The nations in this region have invested too much blood, sweat and passion into making this country, just the common and the only “home”; the state and that certainly has to be a better, freer, more equal, more developed, more open, more prosperous.

When you do not have a house – we do not have the existence. When we are not a country – we can not have human rights, regional rights, religious rights, equality, equity, security … Improving the house: yes! – to break our own house: never! He who destroys his own home has to bear the legal and moral consequences.

He who destroys his own nation and the state has the right to be called a name, the name by which such individuals or groups known for thousands of years in all civilized societies around the world.

Serbia is our house. Europe is our “nahija”, our “town”, our inner circle. Europe, these are our friends, our neighbors, our closest associates. My neighbor has always been different, but they are still our neighbors and those without which we can not and should not.

The European Union as one of the largest manmade integral experiments so far is constantly changing, changed and updated. The Union is trying to more successfully adapts itself and the environment.

All those individuals or groups from our “home”, from Serbia, who bring best part of of ourselves in this grandiose and, hopefully, realistic project, of this peaceful, independent and equally united community of nations, states, regions and citizens of Europe, they are all now today the potential, , tomorrow and perhaps a formal Most Europeans – they should be respected for the act.

This does not contradict the fact that sooner or later some of the winners of the elections in some plans of their activities are not or will not do anything that is or could be, as has been determined by legal or moral norms. Innocent is a god, and he is high in the sky. If you are in the current contest at one point were among the best, it should be recognized and commended. To you in any case does not abolish the past or future failure and wrong moves!

A large number of influential people in the last year deserved award Most European 2012th. Laureates in this case will be the ones who in the past year in their respective fields, in our view, do something very good and useful for our citizens, for our country, for our near and daylight environment, for Europe. They are the ones who contribute implemented in a relatively small segment of the historical period of infinity, which they will, and this time, the most democratic environment possible to choose and promote, despite the fact that there are other, perhaps sometimes in something better.


S. M. Joksimovic