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Nebojša Stefanović,
in politics
for the advancement and promotion of European standards of parliamentary democracy

As the first man of the Republican Assembly noticeably improved relations in the Assembly, among deputies from the government and opposition and raised issues related to the formalization healthier individual and group behavior of appropriate systems of developed Western democracy.
As one of the closest associates of the President of the party stood out in many initiatives and proposals aimed at combating corruption, strengthening of integration processes in the country and the region, strengthening the rule of law, independence faster all branches of government, especially the legislative and judicial.
As President of the Assembly has contributed to stronger ties with the European institutions, which is thanks to its activities crowned the official awarding Serbia candidate status for EU membership.

Željko Sertić,
in the field of economy,
to strengthen the role of national economic operators and the promotion of economic potentials of Serbia

As the first man PKS initiated the reform of the national chamber system in order to improve its institutional capacity for advocacy, support, and / or promotion of investment and export potential of Serbia, as well as training for entrepreneurs in all intensive process of European integration. Over the past year, SCA has been named the leader of economic progress and the most dynamic chamber of commerce in the region. PKS in 2013 passed the Quality Policy and launched a major offensive investment worldwide. He began to work and the first Business Info Service as informative and advisory service PKS in which entrepreneurs or their representatives may, within 48 hours to get all the relevant business answers. In 2013, on the initiative of the laureates in the Chamber has been running project called “Base of investment projects and location”.

NJ.E. Ambasador Heinz Wilchelm,
foreign representative

HE German Ambassador Wilhelm Heinz is the first representative of this important country that was nominated and named as Most European Serbia. Mr. Wilchelm not only a very competent and friendly manner in Serbia last year was one such influential country, but also a natural, simple, affordable and constructive man, who can and wants to help, who does not want and is not able to interfere in what is not his job to a height indicates or requires estimates. In this way, its many activities and friendly gestures, very much helped Serbia, but also changed in a positive way relationship of Germany and Serbia, contributed to the rapprochement of their peoples, as well as the people of Serbia with all other peoples, countries and regions in Europe.

Dragan Bjelogrlić,
in the field of culture and arts

If you are a great actor is born, then it is indisputably occurred with Dragan Bjelogrlić. He has had memorable roles in over 50 films, 20 TV series and TV dramas, at home and abroad. In recent years has brought a special atmosphere in the national and regional cultural space as an actor, so special production and directing.
Not forgetting the many very successful projects, we must underline the TV series “Storks Will Be”(Vratice se rode), as well as series and movie “Montevideo, may God views” (Montevideo, bog te video). In the previous year absolute cultural event is accomplished by showing the film in the series. With these impressive achievements in the past year is absolutely excelled as a national value understandable and acceptable in the country, as well as regional and European environment.

Milanka Karić,
for most European program

Milanka Karic recent years its activities largely achieved through the work of the Karic Foundation. Distinguishing action Foundation are: “Impulse life”, “help Serbia”, “Cyrillic” and so on. Karic Foundation was founded 16 years ago prize “Braca Karic” with a desire to further evaluate the best achievements of creativity in the fields of culture and art, science and research, journalism, publishing and publishing, economics and business, charity, as well as activities that contribute to the development of democracy in the country and the world and the strengthening of peace, cooperation and friendship among nations. In this way Milanka Karic Foundation and in Serbia brought European and global intellectual elite, a Serbian achievements and values ​​in a concrete way to promote closer and wider (European) environment.

ana brnabic

Lovorka Nikolić,
in the field of entrepreneurship and management

She is the founder Farmalogist, the company for wholesale medicines and medical devices, which now has 445 employees. Farmalogist is today one of the leading wholesaler in Serbia, with a complete range of products, with four distribution centers and warehouse facilities that fully meet the highest standards for storage of drugs and medical devices. As the holder of development Farmalogist Lovorka Nikolic has become a permanent delegate of the Group Serbian pharmaceutical wholesalers in meetings organized by the European Association of drug wholesaler with a complete range of products, known as GIRP, based in Brussels. Thanks to the engagement LOVORKA Nikolić Serbia became a full member GIRP as the first country outside the EU, and now, two years after receipt, Belgrade has been chosen to host the 56th annual conference GIRP in June 2015.